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WORK READY 16 - 25 Years

A work preparation programme which explores the variety of skills needed to find employment.


Young people carry out an inventory of their own skills and experience to see which career would best suit them. With the support of an in-house caseworker, young people create CV's, apply for apprenticeships and investigate the various different routes and pathways towards getting into their selected career path.


Young people go through a range of interview techniques, mock interviews with real life employers and (subject to performance whilst on the programme) are given a work placement.

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Increased confidence sourcing employment. Our trainers support young people to find employment opportunities through their specialist networks.


Improved interview skills. Young people practice interview techniques with one another, they are offered constructive feedback and then have the opportunity to have an interview with a real life employer.  


A clearer idea of what's expected in the workplace. We bring real life employers into the session to have a Q&A session with participants so they know exactly what's expected of them in the workplace.


Work Experience. Selected young people who have demonstrated a willingness to progress are given the option to tryout some real work experience where they can try out a range of roles, i.e, Reception, Customer Service, Cashier, Cleaner, Administrator and so on.


Previous work placements we have arranged have included Barclays Bank, Energie Fitness and Elevating Success.

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