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Workshops are an ideal way to share information, ideas and discover creative solutions to common problems.


However we have all attended those super boring workshops that make it seem more fun to watch a kettle boil.


How do we ensure that our workshops do not end up like this? This series of  'Train the Trainer' workshops aim to equip aspiring facilitators with techniques and strategies needed in order to deliver a successful session, leaving clients feeling energized and positive about their experience.


Participants will look at how to structure an effective session, conflict resolution, proven strategies to keep participants engaged and practise delivering presentations to the group.

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•Better presentation skills. Participants are encouraged to practice delivering sessions in front of their peer group and then receive feedback.


•Advice and Guidance. Participants are given a wealth of information, tips and advice during the sessions, and also literature to read after the course which will improve their practice as a facilitator


•New strategies, methods to keep a group engaged. Facilitators are given expert strategies and resources, and are encouraged to share their 'group engagement' techniques with one and other.


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