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Growth Mindset

We all know it can be hard at times for our young people to stay motivated and remain focussed towards finding or even creating their own pathways in life... 

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Work Ready 

A work preparation programme which explores the variety of skills needed to find employment. Young people carry ouy an inventory of their own... Read More

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Conflict Resolution at Work
Stress Management
Introduction to Mental Health
Keep it Moving

Domestic Violence

It takes on average 35 assaults before a victim calls the police within an abusive relationship!

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Nail Art Workshop

This amazingly engaging and fun workshop is aimed at any young person with a creative side or a specific interest within the fast expanding 'Nail Art' industry ... 

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Rap Club

This programme is aimed at young people who have an interest in rapping, emceeing or spoken word....

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Maths & English Tuition

This tuition programme gives young people between the ages of 5-13 years old

(Year 1 – Year 9) the opportunity to boost their skills

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Get Money

is a Money workshop dedicated to arm young people with strategies to manage their money by increasing their financial education and awareness.

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More Workshops

Coming soon...

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Train The Trainer

Workshops are an ideal way to share information, ideas and discover creative solutions to common problems. However we have all attended those super boring workshops that make it seem more fun to watch a kettle boil...  

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