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13-25 years – This amazingly engaging and fun workshop is aimed at any young person with a creative side or a specific interest within the fast expanding 'Nail Art' industry itself.


Young people are introduced to the world of freehand nail art, dotting, striping and much more.


They get to experiment with a range of techniques and learn some important tips on how to keep their nails strong and healthy.


This workshop is suitable for any age from 13+

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•Increased confidence and self esteem. Whenever you learn new skills this raises your self esteem, participants will be able to experiment with friends as well as their own nails


•Group bonding. The intimate setting created by this workshop sets the environment for participants to get to know each other a bit more and engage in fruitful conversation set by the facilitator.


Increased awareness of personal hygiene. Participants learn the importance of personal hygiene in order to avoid infection or irritation.



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