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5-13 years - This tuition programme gives young people between the ages of 5-13 years old (Year 1 – Year 9) the opportunity to boost their skills in two core curriculum areas of English and Maths.


These extra sessions will promote learning, confidence and subject knowledge, in a fun way which compliments classroom learning, and can be delivered in the comfort of your own home or at a public library.


It is imperative to understand that all children are individuals and work at a different pace so giving them extra time and support on a one-to-one basis will help them to gain the extra knowledge and skills they need to feel comfortable and confident about learning.

If you have taken part in this workshop please take the time to rate how good you found the workshop to be.

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•Improvement in English and Maths. By giving young people extra time and space to

practice they inevitably become more confident within these subjects.


•Increased confidence and self esteem. Participants may have had trouble grasping particular concepts at school. However within this setting they are able to take their time to develop their understanding and then return back to the classroom with increased confidence in their abilities





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