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Welcome to the M.A.D workshops GROWTH MINDSET programme. This is a 6 week intensive course designed to support young people to become better students, better thinkers, goal setters, to keep motivated when times get hard and to push through fear / failure / adversity until they reach success. Through discussion, video clips and exercise, it gives young people the practical tools and knowledge to challenge existing thought patterns and transform fixed mindsets to a growth mindset necessary for higher academic achievement.

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•Increased confidence, self esteem and motivation. The activities and debates within this workshop encourage participants to set goals for themselves and believe that they can achieve these, which provides focus and improved self image.


Improved time management and organisational skills. Participants break down these basic elements to success and look their own lives to see where they can incorporate some of these essential skills.


A clearer vision on what they want to achieve within the next few years. Participants leave the course with action planners which clearly map out what they would like to achieve over the next few years along with the steps needed to get there.


Group bonding. The creative writing / rapping activities are usually in pairs or small groups which helps young people interact with different people which builds up their interpersonal skills.


*Young people are also awarded a certificate and free usb key (memory stick) which features all of the material covered during the course*

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