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11-18 years - "Get Money" is a money workshop dedicated to arming young people with strategies to manage their money, by increasing their financial understanding and awareness.


By looking at their relationship with money and its value, we help them to identify ways in which they can manage their finances efficiently through saving and budgeting, and making better choices.


The workshop intends to deliver this programme through a series of real-life scenarios, presentations, fun activities, problem solving and group interaction in order to help young people gain essential life skills needed for the future!


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•Understanding the history of money. Participants will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the economy and financial world


•Knowledge of prioritising wants vs. needs. Participants will be able to see where they really spend their and how to save more. They also will be able to differentiate between assets and liabilities


•A better understanding of saving / budgeting. Participants are introduced to financial concepts such as interest, savings, tax, banking, wages, etc and ways to ensure they avoid financial trouble, such as high interest borrowing, that lead so many young people into debt




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